Groovy Chick & Friends

Our best known character, who was the first design led tween queen. Award winning character, that could be seen in almost every teenage girls’ bedroom throughout the naughties. The revival of Groovy Chick is looming, so why not jump on board and be a part of what is set to be another amazing journey.


FABric Animals

Bringing a new dimension to our Classic Animal designs, we’ve combined some amazing fabric prints to create some of the most vibrant and exciting characters you’ve ever seen. FABric Animals even have their own app – why not join them on an adventure by downloading the app from the app store & Google Play.

Classic Animals

Where it all began for Bang on the Door.. you may remember them from our large print tshirts, that in the beginning, sold at Camden market. Since then, they have been recognized with organizations such as Greenpeace, Comic Relief and Friends of the Earth. Fun, witty and adorable, you can’t help put fall in love with each of our animals.

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